/dev/fort for your company

Companies large and small can benefit from rapid innovation and focused prototyping; we combine both in one week-long workshop. If this could help you, get in touch.

What it’s good for

In just one week, we will help you invent and build something.

One advantage for many companies is being able to work on something which would not normally be given any priority. Or use the fort to create something already on your roadmap. Either way, the value of greater focus and the importance of group ownership cannot be over-emphasised.

A /dev/fort is a perfect opportunity to try something different, to take a new approach, or to re-invent a core part of your business.

Working without it feeling like work

Going to a fort should be a joy: a week working, cooking, living and laughing with a group of interesting, passionate people. These days many companies, from small shops like Fog Creek Software up to giants such as Google, try to build an atmosphere in the workplace that encourages people to socialise and spend time together without leaving work. Forts easily produce that atmosphere, and we never fail to have fun, no matter how hard the problems we’re tackling, or how late into the night we work.

Here’s one we made earlier

Although we cannot talk about all commercial forts (if you are building something super-secret we are happy to keep it that way), you can check out what we helped Reevoo build in our second commercial fort: Just Buy This One was live within a fortnight of returning.

Get in touch

If your company wants to try something new, or has an idea that it needs turning into reality quickly, then get in touch so we can discuss it further.

The range of skills needed will differ depending upon the type of project, and /dev/fort can fill in any gaps in skill sets using our network of trusted and experienced designers, developers and other web professionals.